Saturday, May 26, 2012

After the initial shock wore off, I made a list of things to do  (1)  Get off Mountain Dew (still working on that)  (2)  Need some new clothes - for traveling and little opportunity for laundry rooms and (3)  Get to walking.  That regimen began with my visit to San Francisco a few weekends ago, when my college roommate and husband gave me the tour of the hilly city.  I've taken care of my passport as this is the first time ever for me to be outside the US and now am in the process of buying luggage, clothes and other things needed for this overseas trip.  NHS valedictorian Ramon Galvan took time out of his busy schedule, here at the end of his senior year, to set up this blog and has patiently helped me figure this out.  What he doesn't know- his job with helping me navigate this thing is not over!!   Thanks Ramon and best of luck on the speech graduation night!  Oh, did I fail to mention- he's going to Harvard this upcoming fall!!!!

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