Saturday, July 7, 2012

At Haifa

Haven't had time to keep up with this blog as our wake up calls are at 6:30 and we go until 9-10 at night. Add to that - finding free wi fi hasn't been so easy. I'll give you a little update as to what we've been doing and post pics. Hopefully in the future I can give more info.
We stayed at Haifa Israel the first two nights. The first night there we were given some time to adjust to the time. I slept on plane quite a bit and have adjusted well. Surprisingly I didn't need any help sleeping. AND I haven't had a caffeinated drink since July 3rd lunch. All water and no caffeine headache. The 2nd day here. We went to the Ghetto Fighters museum and the Bahai Gardens. The night ended with pictures of the Haifa harbor just off the Mediterranean Sea. I wish we could bottle the breeze off the Mediterranean.

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