Saturday, July 7, 2012

Massuah Museum and ride to Jerusalem

Leaving Haifa, we visited the Massuah Center for Holocaust Education. Its focus was the Adolf Eichmann-which was considered a turning point for remembering the Holocaust. (hint- history fair people). For the first time the world saw the horror of the holocaust due to the world coverage of the trial. In one of the survivors testimony, he told of how he watched his wife and daughter, in a long line, head to the crematorium. He said he could follow his daughter as she had a red coat on and it stood out. This would serve as inspiration for Spielberg's "Schindler's List.". We also heard survivor testimony, of which I will relate later. When then left for the hour drive to Jerusalem. On the way we saw the controversial wall and the closer to Jerusalem, the tighter the security. We are staying 3 nights in the Mamila Hotel, a short walk to the old city of Jerusalem. We spent the afternoon exploring it.

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