Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ran into Holocaust survivor at Frankfurt Airport

July 4th. First off my birthday was cut short by me flying to Europe. So I need to have some kind of party when I get back to the states. As I was working my way through the Israeli security at the Frankfurt airport, he asked me two questions, then noted it was my birthday. Great way to celebrate it. Sleeping it away on the plane. I then got my Mountain Dew confiscated and they had to look in my carry-on to see I had my tweezers in one of my shoes. Guess I need to do a better job of packing.
As we were waiting for our flight to Tel Aviv, we ran into another survivor. His wife noticed the name tags we were wearing and introduced us to her husband. His name was Alex Moskovic, born in the Slovak Republic in 1931, and was shipped in 1944 by cattle car to Auschwitz/Birkenau As the Soviet Army was getting ready to capture Birkenau, Alex along with thousands of inmates were forced to go on a death march to Gleiwitz, Poland in the cold snowy winter of 1945 At the end of January 1945, he and the remaining survivors were transported in open coal cars to Buchenwald, Germany. He was liberated by the US army in April 1945, the only survivor of a large famly He later moved to America, where he was the post production editor for 30 years for ABC's Wide World of Sports, earning ten Emmys for his work.
His son has produced a documentary about his father's experience called kinderblock66. For more information check out the website -www.kinderblock66the

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