Friday, July 13, 2012

Wacky Foreign Hotels

July 10 and a 6:30 wake up call after getting in @ 11:30 last night. Most of our wake up calls have been at 6 AM with the bus rolling out at 8 AM. Learning all the different/new ways to navigate hotel rooms has been a experience all on its own. The one in Jerusalem, one of the most modern ones I ever stayed in, almost caused a panic among the teachers because the doors from our rooms to the hall open out- you had to push the door to leave. Since we always pull the doors in, several people ( not me this time) called the front desk, thinking they were trapped in their rooms and embarrassingly was given instructions to "push the door out.". Last nights hotel in Hannover Germany which we saw very little of due to late arrival -you could not turn the lights on in your room unless you put your key in a slot by the door and leave it in. Fortunately we figured that out fairly quickly and got to bed by midnight-- for our 6:30 wake up call.


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