Friday, July 13, 2012

Tough day

July 9 - mainly a travel day and not a good one for me.
However we began the day with a tour of Jerusalem -outside the old city. Fortunately after all the walking we did yesterday, today it was mostly by bus. More on that later. After touring, we headed to the Tel Aviv airport for our flight to Germany. Going through Israeli security they pulled my bag aside for a search. When I got to the bag, the guard asked me to open it an d search it. I asked what was I looking for? She said a bomb. We were told not to joke around with Israeli security so I just looked at her. She asked if everything in my suitcase belonged to me and to check through it. Of course I had just washed my underwear out by hand and they were sitting on top of everything. But since there was no bomb in there I was allowed to go through. About 10 teachers had their bags searched. Then on the next leg in Frankfurt Germany my carry on was pulled to be searched again and this time I had stupidly put my roll on deodorant in the carry on -- bigger than the 3.5 oz. because of the delay I had to walk very briskly to the gate. Our leaders, Elaine and Steve, both waited for me and got me to the correct gate. On our short flight to Hanover, I was reading a book about the 1936 Olympics I had just bought called Nazi Olympics and the stewardess pointed to the title of e book and said. "Not nice". I was ready to get to our hotel dodging 3possible international incidents.

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